Sign language interpreting provided in the town assembly in Fukuoka Preference

Sign language interpreter (standing) interprets the general question for the Deaf observers in gallery of the town assembly.(photo:

September 4, 2011

There was a monthly town assembly meeting at Tachiarai Town in the Fukuoka Prefecture on September 3. The sign language interpreter was introduced for the first time so that the Deaf might understand the discussions. About 30 people including six Deaf persons attended as an observer.

A general question is open at the assembly on holiday. A general question including sign language interpreting was scheduled at this time; "Isn't there idea of making the town office allocate the sign language interpreter?" So the Deaf local residents demanded to observe the assembly meeting.

The assembly secretariat arranged a sign language interpreter in the gallery through the town social welfare organization.

The town official answered the question regarding the interpreting, "Hiring a full-time interpreter is difficult. As we have a staff who is able to sign, we encourage you to consult her".

MIZOKAMI Hideko (59), one of the Deaf observers, signed, "It was good to understand the communication clearly. I want to observe the assembly by using the interpreter in the future".

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