School for the Deaf flooded due to "abnormal high tide level" in Tokushima Prefecture

The area in front of the door of the prefecture school for the Deaf is submersed at 18:00 on September 28.


Parts of the school ground of the Tokushima prefecture School for the Deaf in Tokushima City has been flooded at the peak of  the abnormal high tide since the September 27.

It seems that the water of Suketo River on the north side of the school is flowing back in the drainage canal overflowing under the influence of the "unexpected high tide level". The school officials are demanding the measure.

Water has overflowed several places, including the drainage canal in front of the west side door of the school building, after 17:30 since September 28.

At 18:30 near high tide level, about 250 square meters in total, such as the parking lot for bicycles and the courtyard, were flooded, and the depth of water reached 10 cm or more. There was almost no flood in the school till last year.

An abnormal high tide level will continue every day till October 1 according to the meteorological observatory. It also warns  that there is fear of flood at the time of high tide level in an area along the shore and near a mouth of the river in the prefecture.

Principal SUMISE Nahomi anxiously said, "I am worried whether the water pours into the front door of the school building when the tide level goes up more. There are also many students who commute by a bicycle, and their safety is concerned ."

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