Prospective employees with disability appeal their thought about working

 The presenter shows a practical skill while appealing the willingness to work.


The presentation meeting which a disabled person tells the thought about working was held in Tokushima City on September 9.

This event, the 3rd time this year, was sponsored by the Eastern Prefecture Committee to support employment network for persons with disabilities, consisted of prefecture administration, welfare facilities, companies, etc.

Seventeen presenters aged 16-36 who attend special support schools and disability facilities within the prefecture demonstrated the willingness and their own  strong point on working. Presentation time was for 3 minutes per person.

One of the presenters, TAKECHI Anna (17), a high school senior of the Tokushima Prefecture School for the Deaf, declared by sign language, "After graduation I want to become a barber and work hard to help my family." She also used a dummy to show skills of rolling a permanent wave.

Twenty companies and organizations such as a food-processing company also participated in the event. They advised such like, "The points to get employed are a motivation and positiveness", "It is important to manage the assigned work properly and to get trusted by the company", etc.

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