Prefecture education board postpones to change school name

Oita Prefecture School for the Deaf

September 10, 2011

The group of students and parents of the Oita Prefecture School for the Deaf has called for keeping the school name unchanged. The school is located in Oita City, the capital of the prefecture in Kyushu, the southern island of Japan.

The prefecture education board decided at its regular meeting on September 9 to postpone the change of the school name, etc. for the time being, after several talks with the parent group.

Although the board does not change the original plan, as they say, they will decide what to do while looking at the move of the Government from now on.

The board had formulated the reorganization plan in March, 2008 aiming at one special support school accepting the children with two or more disabilities including the Deaf.

The parents have opposed against the plan: "We are proud of the school name", "We are afraid if our Deaf students can take communication with other students with intellectual disability".

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