Persons with disability in the years between 794 and 1185

Kyoto turned into a capital in the Heian period (794-1185/1192), an aristocracy era, following the Nara period (710〜784/794).

It seems that the person with disability was not liked for their strange appearance differed in an aristocrat's life that gracefulness and standard were respected.

Even if the person with disability was born to the aristocrat's family, it was hard for him to come out to the salon of the court.

Some persons with disability lived in the cottage with the curtain of silk down even in daytime in the suburbs of the capital.

Moreover, an expert of the biwa (Japanese musical instrument) lived at the side of the clear stream in other suburb. It is told that this lady cried too much out of sadness and became blind. This example shows distinct connection of a blind person and music.

The children with mental disability born to an aristocrat family were  also kept away in the neighboring farmhouse for lengthened stay. They often were adopted by the owner of the farmhouse.

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