New vocational courses to be set up at Kyoto prefecture school for the deaf in 2012


The Kyoto prefecture board of education announced on August 25 that they will establish two vocational courses, "Kyoto art" and "Information", in the high school program of the prefecture school for the deaf located in Kyoto City, and that they will accept eight prospective students for each course in March, 2012.

Up to now, there are four special courses (general education, industrial craft, design, dying, and sewing) in the high school program. However, they will be canceled in March next year, because the number of students has decreased due to the change in students' needs, etc. Instead two new courses will be established.

The "Kyoto art" course is to study the local traditional culture and the computer graphics design. The "Information" course is about a study of a special program related to information. Each aims at wide course achievement such as the entering college as well as finding employment.

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