New mystery story book related to sign language interpreter

MARUYAMA Masaki wrote a 304-page mystery story book titled "Deaf Voice" (『デフ・ヴォイス』), which was selected one of the final candidate novels in the best book contest early in 2011. The book was published by a publishing company Bungeishunju on July 25, 2011.  

The author Masaki, who was born at Tokyo in 1961, acquired a B.A. in the theater of the literature department of Waseda University. As a free-lance writer, he deals with the scenario of the public-relations video for government and municipal offices, etc.

Outline of the story:
Arai who failed in marriage and was frustrated also in the office obtained the sign language interpreter's qualification. He instantly became a popular interpreter.

Arai was requested to interpret for a Deaf woman who was a defendant of the criminal case, which he accepted unwillingly. It was because he was once involved in the homicide which a Deaf person caused 16 years ago. It was the bitter experience for him.

However, a new murder case occurred, and Arai would stand face to face against the Deaf community and his own past, too.

Price: 1600 yen (including tax)

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