New book on the structure of JSL as a primer

A new book, titled "The Structure of Japanese Sign Language based on the basic grammar to easily understand " (『〈文法が基礎からわかる〉日本手話のしくみ』)(authors: OKA Norie, AKAHORI Hitomi, etc.) was published by Taishukan Publishing on April 6, 2011 (111 pages/1,260 yen on Amazon

This book is a "grammar primer" which explains systematically "pronunciation",  vocabularies, grammar, and expressions of Japanese Sign Language in an easy and clear way.

This book, which may be the first kind of JSL grammar book,  is recommended to those who aim at sign-language interpreting, a student who wishes to study JSL more firmly, and anyone who likes to be a close friend of the Deaf community.

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