New book on JSL and signed Japanese

                   Kimura Harumi and her new book

In her new book titled "The Huge Chasm between JSL and Signed Japanese" (『日本手話と日本語対応手話(手指日本語)―間にある「深い谷」』), KIMURA Harumi reveals how strange when it comes to think that JSL and the signed Japanese are the same.

The 162-page book consists of two parts, description section, and example section which clarifies that difference by the example through the use of the author's own photograph.

The book is a required reading for a sign language user, those who study sign language, and all the people who get interested in language.

About the author KIMURA Harumi:
Born to the Deaf family in Yamaguchi Prefecture. M.A. in language community from the Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. Professor of sign language interpreter training department at the institute of the National Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Persons since 1991. Newscaster of NHK's "Sign Language News 845" since 1995.

-Published by a publishing company, Seikatsushoin on September, 2011.
-Price (Amazon 1,575 yen

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