New book on establishment of the first school for the Deaf to teach in JSL

A 199-page softcover book, titled "The Mother of a Little Finger" (『小指のおかあさん』) is about a school for the Deaf full of "applause of sign language" like stars glittering.

Authored by TAMATA Hitomi, it explains episodes about the first school for the Deaf that offers the subjects in Japanese Sign Language and a private school called the "Meisei Gakuen School for the Deaf" until its establishment in Tokyo.

Hitomi is a former TBS TV information newscaster and presently a broadcast writer.

She got to know the actual condition of the Japanese school for the Deaf after she was told that her second son has been diagnosed as deaf in 1999.

She and parents having Deaf children formed "The National Society of Parents with Deaf Children." She also supported a Deaf free school, the "Dragon Children School" to get incorporated in 2003.

Overcoming the obstacles laid in the world of Deaf education that has forbidden the use of JSL since more than 70 years ago, Hitomi and a group of concerned people worked hard and succeeded in establishing the first school to educate Deaf children in JSL, "Meisei Gakuen School for the Deaf" incorporated as a special educational district in Tokyo in April, 2008.

The book was published by the Poplar Publishing Co. on February 15, 2011.
Price on 1,365 yen

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