Mute prince in an ancient imperial family

Homutsuwake no Mikoto (years of birth and death unknown) was the first Imperial prince of Emperor Suinin, the 11th Emperor.

Although the wife of Emperor Suinin was told to kill him by her elder brother, she committed suicide in the castle which burned down when the elder brother led the rebellion. It is said that the prince was then born in fire.

He was loved very much by the father Emperor, he was 30 years old and his mustache reached the chest. Yet he hardly spoke any language.  Especially the history book the "Nihon Shoki" materialized at the Nara period states that the prince only cried like a baby.

According to the book, he finally spoke language for the first time, seeing the way a swan flies in the sky one day, and asking "What is that?"

The Emperor was pleased with it and ordered catching the bird. One of the retainers caught it in Izumo and presented it to the Imperial court. The prince came to emit language more when the bird was made into his pet.

*Emperor Suinin (BC69-71; reign BC29- 70) who acceded to the throne as the dawn of the Yamato period passed away at the age of 140.

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