Meeting for policemen on human rights of the person with disability

Hirota Kazuko gives a lecture in the Headquarters of the Kanagawa Prefecture Police Nakahara station.

September 27, 2011

HIROTA Kazuko (65), a Yokohama City resident, gave a lecture entitled "the human rights of a disabled person and the policeman" in the Nakahara station of Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki City on September 27. She is an expert on mental health and has also once received medical treatment herself.

The police station had the serious case that the policeman did not respond the request from the deaf woman for sign-language interpreting at the spot of the traffic in July.

Kazuko mentioned this case, "If a policeman knows at least how to greet in sign language, a Deaf person would feel easy". She also advised that it would be helpful if the policeman knows how to say in sign language 'I am a policeman'".

Kazuko has worked as a mental health counselor for the prefecture policemen for years. She says, "the present condition is that a Japanese policeman has to act quickly at any request. Since there is no room for him to think carefully, he becomes depressed at any time, which has been a big issue."

Kazuko encouraged the 80 policemen who participated, "I want you to have pride as a policeman and take care of yourself mentally and physically to fulfill your service".

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