Man whose hearing recovered after embracing Buddhism in 6th century

In the period of the 33rd Empeor Suiko (554-628: reign 592-628), there was a man called Kinuuino tomono miyakko Yoshimitu (衣縫伴造義通).

He became sick suddenly, and not only he became deaf, but also he had swelling skin disease on the whole body. He did not get better.

Yoshimichi thought himself, "My sickness is a result of karma from the past before I was born in this world: it is not only a worldly reward. It will be better for me to do the good deed and die promptly rather than living long and being disliked by people."

Then, Yoshimichi purified land, decorated the temple, invited and greeted the Zen monk, washed the body with the perfume first, relying on Buddhism, and prayed with the monk together.

Lo and behold, something wonderful happened. Yoshimichi asked the Zen priest, "I just heard the name of the Bodhisattva at one ear of mine. Therefore, the honorable monk, please bear for a while and continue a prayer".

When the monk worshiped again, Yoshimichi's ear was able to regain hearing. He was overjoyed and asked the monk again to worship more. At last he was able to hear with his both ears.

People here and there heard this story and were surprised, not showing any doubt.

The point of this story seems to indicate: If you embrace Buddhism and pray from the bottom of your heart, your wish certainly will come true. 


*In ancient Japan and currently, too, there are chiefly two religious beliefs; Shintoism first, and then Buddhism. This story above has the mixture of the two religions. For example, purification of the land or the body is part of Shintoism.

 A symbol of Shintoism

 An image of Buddism

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