Hearing children learn sign language in Wakayama Prefecture

Furukawa Mana (center) makes sure how to finger spell with her grandmother.
(photo: http://www.hidakashimpo.co.jp/news/2011/09/post-428.html)

September 2, 2011

The sign language class for the beginners was opened for two days from August 29 by the town social welfare council at the Mihama-cho regional welfare center in Wakayama Prefecture.

Seventy-five young children in total participated, and learned the finger spelling, and the greeting, etc. such as "Good morning" and "Hello" in sign language.

NAKASHIMA Miyuki, leader of the Mihama sign language circle, and Deaf circle members were an instructor.

FURUKAWA Mana (5) who participated with her elder sister and grandmother, learned how to finger spell 50 Japanese sounds one by one. She was pleased, saying that "I can finger spell the 50 Japanese sounds now".

The grandma explained, "One of my acquaintances encouraged me to take the beginning class with my grandchildren because it is fun. So I joined for the first time. I would enjoy sign language when remembering. It is very difficult for me".

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