Hard o hearing alumni group publishes a commemorative booklet on 50-year history

A commemorative booklet on the 50th anniversary establishment of a hard of hearing class was published.

The classroom for the hard of hearing children around in 1980.
(photos: http://www.sanyo.oni.co.jp/news_s/news/d/2011082722145571/)

August 27, 2011

The first class for hard of hearing children was established in the Uchiyama Elementary School (currently Okayama Central Elementary School) in Kita Ward, Okayama City so that the children might enjoy the school life with hearing children together. In commemorating the 50th anniversary last year, the alumni group including teachers made the commemorative booklet.

The late TAKAHARA Shigeo, otolaryngology professor of Okayama Medical University (currently Okayama University Department of Medicine), who had worked to enhance the education of the hard of hearing, negotiated tenaciously with the prefecture, etc. to establish a class for hard of hearing children. It was set up for the first time in the country in April, 1960.

In order to make those children hear the voice and the sound easily, the double window that intercepted the sound outside the classroom was put, and the carpet was paved so that the footstep should not affect. The hearing aid system was also introduced.

Later the class was changed to the name, the "Hearing Classroom", and moved to the Okayama Central elementary school. Ten hard of hearing children are presently enrolled. They learn three subjects (Japanese language, English, and arithmetic) in the Hearing Classroom, and take other subjects with hearing children together. Over 140 children have completed the program so far.

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