"Funding for a hearing-aid": Parents with hard of hearing children submit petition to Shiga Prefecture

September 15, 2011

An organization was formed in January, 2011 by parents with children who are hard of hearing or moderate hearing loss. The group submitted the signature of 10,202 persons to the Shiga Prefecture government on September 14. They requested the Prefecture to fund the purchase of a hearing aid for the hard of hearing children who are not recognized as an owner of the disability card.

The disability card defines that hearing loss as a disability means the hearing level of 70 dB or more of both ears, etc. as the standard. So there are many cases that the child with slight or moderate hearing loss is unable to use services provided by the disability card.

A hearing-aid costs between some hundreds and several thousands yen. The period of durability also is about five years before purchasing another new one.

Organization members insisted, "It is important for our children to gain language. Considering a child's growth we would like to replace with a newer hearing-aid, but a burden is heavy for us."

According to the organization, funding systems have spread all over the country including Osaka or Kyoto. The person in charge of the prefecture independence support division said, "We would like to respond to the request".

The organization has submitted the signature of 5,766 persons in March this year.

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