Five kinds of deafness described in medical book in Heian period

 Tamba no Yasuyori 
(The Knowledge on Medical Methods)
The oldest existing medical treatise in Japan.

Tamba no Yasuyori (丹波康頼: 912-995), a native of Tamba Amata (now Kyoto Prefecture) served as a high-ranking court physician in the middle of the Heian period (794-1185/1192). It is said that his ancestor was a naturalized Chinese in the end of the 4th century. 

Yasuyori was excellent in medicine, given the Japanese family name Tamba Sukune (丹波宿禰), and became the founder of a family that professed in the field of medicine.

He compiled Chinese medical books of Sui (589-618) and Tang (T'ang: 618-907) dynasties into a 30-volume book titled "Ishimpo"( 『医心方』: The Knowledge on Medical Methods"), which was completed in 982. This is the oldest existing medical treatise in Japan.

There is description on the types of deaf-muteness in the book, that is, Yasuyori stated symptoms on deafness in five different types.

For example:
- Deafness from the cold (風聾) : if cold goes into an ear, certainly he has the itchy inside of an ear, or it carries out headache, and heat by the cold.
- Tinnitus (虚聾) : an ear sounds with the cold after long diarrhea or serious illness.
- Deafness from stress (労聾) : if an organ is tired from labor, and the vigor of a pulsation runs short, the person will be deaf.

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