First tsunami drill by Wakayama School for the Deaf

 The students participate in the tsunami drill.

September 13, 2011

In preparation for the future earthquakes which are supposed to happen, the Prefecture Wakayama School for the Deaf practiced the first tsunami drill on September 11 that the participants would evacuate to the joint lodging (7 stories and about 21 meters in height) of the nearby Wakayama Local Finance Office.

About 130 people in total including the Deaf children from the kindergarten to high school, the school staffs and the office workers participated.

The school, located about 2km from the sea, has asked the office  in June this year for cooperation to use its joint lodging as a place of the drill, which was granted.

In the drill, when the emergency red lamp in each classroom lit up and the evacuation was directed by broadcast, the teachers told the students to protect themselves under the desk by sign language. Then, the school staff led the students with the red flag, and took refuge from the school ground to the roof of the lodging.

MAEDA Yuya (16), a high school student, said, "I have been anxious even if the evacuation area was near the school. Although it was the first drill, I was able act promptly."

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