Deaf students' uneasiness at time of disaster expressed in the play at school festival

September 24, 2011

The school festival was opened on September 23 at the Shimane Prefecture Matsue School for the Deaf (35 students) at Matsue City in the prefecture in western Japan.

The high school students performed for a play titled "March 11, 2011: What can we do now?" as a study presentation, proposing about support required at the time of evacuation for the communication needs and information accessibility for the Deaf.

The students have visited the Chugoku Electric Power nuclear power plant located in the city in June, this year where they got the knowledge, etc. as a part of academic activities. Based also on the result investigated using the information obtained from the report of a newspaper, TV, etc. and the Internet, they gave the play.

They told the audience that their school is located about 4-5 km from the nuclear power plant, and that it is the closest to a nuclear power plant among the schools for the Deaf in the country.

They expressed the uneasy feeling in the play. "If the same accident as Fukushima happens, we will be no longer able to attend school, and also we may be unable to go home for a long time after the evacuation."

Moreover, the students also said how they should take refuge at the time of disasters, such as an earthquake, in the play. Suggestions were made such as "if it were dark around, I will be unable to read the lip movement and to understand anyone what is spoken", "the flashlight always is put on my bedside." Also other students appealed that radio disaster broadcast by the local government is not helpful to the Deaf.

SAKATA Tomoyoshi, a teacher who instructed the students to perform, explained that the play showed the students' frank feeling." The signed performances eagerly played at the school festival won big applause from spectators.

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