Deaf drum performance show held in Hyogo Prefecture

The Itami Deaf Drum Club "Rakko" (楽鼓)" in performance.

September 19, 2011

The 10th Japan Deaf Dram Club Performance Show was held in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture on September 18. Nine drum clubs from six prefectures in total joined the event and demonstrated a result of their daily practice.

Representing Hyogo prefecture, the Itami Deaf drum club "Rakko" (楽鼓)" participated and delighted the audience with their performance.

This group was established in 1999 to enjoy beating the drum. Five men and women aged 10-68 who live in Itami are working now. As a part of lifelong learning, they have performed at the home for the aged, an event for persons with disability, etc. several times a year.

Although they usually practice 3 times a month, several months before the public performance they did 3 times per week. Three of the members are Deaf and they say that it was most difficult to play drum with music. KIYOHARA Takako (68), one of the Deaf members, says, "We feel how to beat a drum through the body, and also use the eye contact, etc. to beat the drum."

About this public performance, Takako said, "We indeed enjoyed our performance, although there was some mistakes. We would like to return kindness through our drum performance since we have always been indebted to society."

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