Deaf basketball player meets with Sasebo mayor in Saga Prefecture before World Deaf Basketball Championship

Enami (left) tells the mayor about the World Deaf Basketball Championship


The 3rd World Deaf Basketball Championship will take place in Italy on September 16-24. ENAMI Yasutoku (31), self-employed, is on the national team and the only player from the Saga Prefecture in the southern island of Japan. He visited the mayor in the Sasebo City Office on August 30 and told about his participation in the upcoming world championship.

Yasutoku lost hearing due to the high fever of an uncertain cause when he was about one year old. He started basketball at a municipal junior high school by elder sister's recommendation. While attending Saga Prefecture School for the Deaf, he went to Fukuoka Prefecture to practice with Deaf players.

Yasutoku belonged to a Deaf veteran team in Saga prefecture for years until last year winning a national athletic meeting many times. He has kept practicing with a hearing team "KBC" in Sasebo City.

The mayor encouraged him, saying "Please work hard aiming at winning a prize". Yasutoku, who will be a team caption for the first time, signed, "I want to pass the preliminaries with our good team work as the weapon". In addition, he said that he hoped to make a lot of people aware of Deaf basketball through the activity in the championship. "My dream is to make a Deaf basketball team in the prefecture".

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