Advance notice to commit a crime thorough emergency texting message system

September 11, 2011

The Yamaguchi Prefecture Police arrested a jobless man named HIROTA Hidekuni (36) on September 10. He was ready for getting into a convenience store for the purpose of the burglar, which he admitted.

According to the police, the Kyoto Prefecture Police received a text message around 0:25 a.m. on September 10 through the emergency texting message system that the Deaf notify to the police. The sender notified in advance about committing burglary in Yamaguchi Prefectre. 

The Kyoto Prefecture Police checked the sender's location specification by the GPS function of a mobile phone, finding he was in Yamaguchi Prefecture far west from Kyoto.

After the Yamaguchi Police was contacted by the Kyoto Police, the investigators ran to the suspect Hirota's house about 50 minutes afterward and arrested him who just got in the car to do a burglar. The fruit knife of 9.5 cm of length of a blade was found in the basket on the seat in the car.

The police is investigating in detail, such as why the suspect mailed Kyoto from Yamaguchi, etc.

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