Abandoned dog as a hearing dog for the Deaf in China

A hearing dog  named "Pan" visits the mayor in the Kamakura City Office on September 1 before going to China. The yellow belt shows "Hearing Dog for the Deaf".
(photo: http://mytown.asahi.com/kanagawa/news.php?k_id=15000001109020001)

September 2, 2011

Pan, a one-year-old crossbreed dog, was taken care of by ONUMA Yukiko (30) while she was a two-month-old abandoned dog in Chiba Prefecture in April, 2010. Yukiko is a dog trainer for the Kamakura Hearing Dog Training Society, Inc. in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Pan, who reacts quickly to the sound and is curious, has progressed fast. She informs the Deaf by touching without barking when there is a visitor in the door or boiling of the hot water of the kettle, etc.

There was a request from Beijing, China for a dog trainer. Yukiko and Pan were selected to meet the request and they will leave for Beijing in October.

Yukiko will train Chinese prospective dog trainers, and Pan will play a role model. After Yukiko goes back to Japan, she will continue to stay with a Chinese Deaf couple to help them.

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