"Talking Equipment from Manual Sign" developed by hearing students

August 223, 2011

Kyoto University Press Release:

Kyoto University Team Wins First Prize in 2011 International Contest of Applications in Nano/Micro Technologies (June 6, 2011)

A Kyoto University team named "TBT" won first prize in the 2011 International Contest of Applications in Nano/Micro Technologies (iCAN'11).

The contest is an international competition regarding application ideas and prototypes using MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems). The contest's key evaluation points include the uniqueness of the idea and its potential contribution to society. The application developed by the KU team was "TEMS" (Talking Equipment from Manual Sign), which recognizes manual signs with a combination of acceleration and magnetic sensors and converts them into sounds. It was developed to assist people unable to speak due to hearing impairment when communicating with those unable to use sign language.

This year, about 5,000 students from fifteen countries and regions participated in the regional rounds of the contest, out of which twenty-seven winning teams were invited to the final contest in Beijing. The TBT Team, consisting primarily of first-year students in the Nano/Micro System Laboratory, Graduate School of Engineering, had won the Japanese round held in Sendai last December with the highest points among all participants.

The winner of the final contest was selected through the evaluation of presentations on June 5 and public voting for booth presentations on June 5 and 6. The TBT Team won first prize through this selection process. At the award ceremony, the team members announced that they were donating the prize of US$3,000 to relief activities for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which drew a big applause from the floor.

Manual alphabet translator "TEMS" (palm side)

Manual alphabet translator "TEMS" (back side)

Explaining to a large audience

At the award ceremony

Group photo of participants

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