Sign language salon to be set up in Ishikawa Prefecture in October

Nakamachi Shopping Office (right) will locate a "Sign Language Salon" .

The Hakusan City Office in Ishikawa Prefecture decided to establish a "Sign Language Salon" in the Nakamachi Shopping Office building as an exchange base for the Deaf residents and volunteers on October 1.

Such a permanent sign language salon will be the first facility in the prefecture. The city administration is expected to sum up the related project expense about 3.5 million yen to the supplemental spending bill in September.

The City Deaf Society will manage the sign language salon and set up a visual device to help communications function including writing. The Deaf residents and volunteers will teach sign language in order to promote sign language in the city. Making a map will be advanced to get information on the residences where the Deaf live in case of a future disaster.

According city officials, the Deaf society has demanded the establishment of the salon. There are a lot of the members who feel more uneasiness about getting information at the time of disaster. The city decided to answer their desire for more support in the region by establishing the exchange base.

In the Great East Japan Earthquake, it is said that help from the able-bodied persons has played an important role in the evacuation of the persons with disabilities and their sheltered life.

In the city, there are about 260 Deaf people, 60 out of them sign as their main communication in daily living.

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