Sign language presentation held in Fukuoka Prefecture

August 4, 2011

The 18th sign language presentation was held recently in Katsuragawa-cho, Fukuoka Prefecture, a part of the southern island of Japan. Eight groups, ten learners per group, demonstrated their signing skills that they have practiced so far.

The event was arranged by the committee consisted of the Deaf and sign language circles in the area. Not only the Deaf, but also the persons with disabilities including intellectual disability, physical disability, and hearing learners participated.

A Deaf woman MIURA Hikari told about her experience with the Japanese drum at high school days. "I felt the vibration in the body when the drum was beaten. It was comfortable though I was unable to hear the sound". About her job, she signed, "I think if there are persons who interpret for me in the company I would have more friends".

One of the hearing learners looked back on the relationship with the Deaf. He signed with some gestures, "They have power to read others' minds by seeing instead of hearing. They treated me appropriately without a remark when I was depressed".

A lot of the participants were drawn in to the signed presentation with rich power of expression and their all heart.

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