Rescuing deaf group isolated due to the downpour in Niigata Prefecture

August 1, 2011

The national road traffic toward the urban area was closed because of a landslide on the vicinity of Okutadami-ko Lake in Uonuma City on July 31 after the downpour disaster in the Niigata prefecture.

About 170 people who were isolated from July 29 were rescued with the helicopters of the Self Defense Forces. The water of dams continues to be dirty has caused the suspension of the water supply in three cities as the clean water processing did not catch up though the weather recovered.

The Disaster Prevention Minister HIRANO Tatsuo inspected the site such as Igarashi River, etc. which the embankment collapsed, on July 31.

Those rescued were "Saitama Group of Parents with Hard of Hearing Children" members who stayed at Okutadami, the nature experience study group members from Uonuma City, and high school students in training camping.

The four Self Defense Forces helicopters shuttled them between the site and the junior high school bout 30 kilos away in the city on the afternoon of July 31.

The leader MATSUMOTO Masayuki of the parent group looked relieved saying that all members were able to return safely which was good.

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