Prefecture police center overlooks request for sign language interpreter at traffic accident site

Site where the Deaf woman was involved in the traffic accident in Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City.

August 14, 2011

It was found on August 12 that the request for the sign language interpreter has been ignored on the afternoon of July 11 though the Deaf woman (48), who was involved in the traffic accident in Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture, e-mailed for the emergency and also requested to the policeman of the Nakahara station for the sign language interpreter many times.

The place where the accident occurred was on one side lane of the prefecture highway. The oncoming car driven by a hearing man (71) that crossed the center Line collided with the car that the woman drove. The Nakahara police station sent the papers pertaining to the case to the Public Prosecutor's Office for the man as the suspicion of the car driving fault injury.

The woman e-mailed via the cellular phone to the prefecture police station three times immediately after the accident, "There was an accident now. I am Deaf. Please send the sign language interpreter", and she got only a reply "How did you do?". Even she asked the policeman who came to the site for the the interpreter many times who would never come.

The Nakahara station explained to the reporter, "Communications were taken well through writing and gestures though the policeman on the site did not know the interpreter dispatch system".

On the other hand, the woman signed, "The policeman gestured such like waving his hand in front of my face, putting the index finger on his mouth to tell me to shut up while I tried to explain how the accident occurred. It made me sure feel pressured, disgraced, discriminated".

The Kawasaki City Society of the Deaf to which the woman belongs submitted the letter of protest to the Nakahara police station on August 12, as the Deaf right to know and make remarks being was deprived, also assuming that human rights was violated. They requested every police men to be more aware of the sign language interpreter dispatch system, etc.

The Nakahara police station officials apologized. The response of the prefecture's police interpreter center seems to become a problem.


Lily's world said...

Japanese Police need to improve with the new system for the JSL interpreters for 7/24 hrs. "Call in" (last minute) are for all the independent JSL business instead any government like police departments are limited for the JSL hours. Not easy to do but need to set new business for an freelance JSL into independent businesses in Japan.
日本の警察は7 /24時間のためのJSL通訳のための新しいシステムを改善する必要があります。すべての独立したJALのビジネスのためではなく、警察署のような政府がJSL時間が限定されている(最後の分)"でコール"。簡単ですが、日本で独立した企業にフリーランスのJSLのために新しいビジネスを設定する必要はない。

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