Music event for the Deaf to be held in Kyoto

Aoyama (center) discusses with the staff on holding the dance party.

July 28, 2011

The staff at the National Center of Sign Language Training located in Kyoto City will hold the event to deepen the connection of the participants at the center on July 31. The Deaf will even also enjoy music and the dance there.

One of the the staff AOYAMA Koichi (40) has organized the event. He had gone to the restaurant with his Deaf friend, and started chatting with the unfamiliar guest in the next seat. The Deaf friend signed to Aoyama later, "Because I can't talk, it is mysterious to me that you can have such an interpersonal relationship with the stranger".

Then, Aoyama came to think, "I want to make the place to expand the interpersonal connections without relying on verbal communications".

He had noticed that the Deaf can feel the "vibration" because they hit the hand on the table or the chair when they enjoy karaoke. He thought that the Deaf could enjoy the rhythm of the music through the vibration.

In the event the tune will be put by using machine parts that emphasizes "deep bass" so that one may experience the sound vibration easily while the Deaf enjoy dancing. The famous pieces of music of the 1970's will be played. Moreover, a visual performance by street performers, etc. will be held. Aoyama says, "I want everyone to participate freely regardless of disability".

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