Documentary film closely draws daily life of Deaf surf shop owner

Ota Tatsuro (left) and director Imamura Ayako meet with former Mikami (front in white shirt)


A documentary movie, titled "A Cup of Coffee and a Pencil" is coming to complete after shooting for two years. It is about OTA Tatsuro (49), the Deaf owner of a surf shop in Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Tatsuro, IMAMURA Ayako (32) who directed the film, and the staff visited the Kosai City Office and reported to former mayor Mikami on August 11.

The movie will be screened in the civic hall in the city at 14:00 on October 1, in advance in the country.

Tatsuro was enchanted to the surfing he learned from his older friend in the school days, and has experienced in this sport for 30 years or more.

He retired from the office and opened the store in Kosai City where from his parents came, to sell the surf articles and the Hawaiian goods in 2007.

A Deaf director Ayako knew of Tatsuro through her friends and decided to take a film about him.

She drew daily life of Tatsuro who entertains with the Hawaiian coffee, chatting with the visitor in writing, getting over inconvenient circumstances.

Ayako told to mayor Mikami through the interpreter, "I was very impressed with Tatsuro who easily chatted in writing and the gesture. I am Deaf myself, too and felt something like barrier in my own heart was removed".

Tatsuro also signed, "I hope the movie will be helpful in removing the fence between the person with disability and the counterpart without disability". He donated T-shirts and the posters, etc. made for advertisement.

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