Director on the film of Deaf girl who loves dancing

Director Nishikawa Fumie

July 29, 2011

The film, titled "Jump High on the Way!" directed by Nishikawa Fumie, is now shown to the public. The movie is about a Deaf junior high girl who gets over the handicap with the dance club members.

Fumie is asking the spectators, "When one tells his/her mind, isn't it only through a verbal word?".

She decided to shoot the movie of the girl who loves dancing, and thought that she would make the story about the girl who overcomes her difficulties. She chose a Deaf girl for the role (acted by a hearing girl), because Fumie has closely seen her mother dancing with sign language. Also she had experienced with staying in Britain to study how to direct movies.

"When one cannot explain in English when the culture is different no matter how s/he becomes good at English. At the same time I learned that even if one doesn't rely on the word that we are usually using, there is a way of taking communications. I thought that choreography and the sign language look similar from a point of my view."

In the theater, Japanese caption is screened putting on the film. Fumie said with a smile, "The place where people, regardless of being Deaf or not, see the same movie is perfect for the movie as its theme is communications".

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