Deaf woman appeals due to application for sign language service rejected


A company employee HANEJI Yoko (40) who resides in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture applied for the sign language service* outside the city, which city officials rejected. Complaining on August 26, she is requesting the City to cancel the application rejection and also to compensate for the expenditure 5,140 yen that she spent.

Haneji said, she applied for the sign language service on June 17 before she participated in the guardian briefing of a professional training school in Tokyo where her hearing daughter (18) hoped to enter. However, the city rejected it as "the place to offer the service was not inside the city, and the objective importance of her application was scarce" on July 12.

Haneji arranged the sign language interpreter at her own expense, and participated in the briefing. She insists, "If not in the city, am I not allowed to obtain information? Necessary of information being judged by the mayor violates fundamental human rights".

The outline of the city states that the sign language service is available only inside the city, and may be available out of the city when the mayor assumes it is necessary.

*The sign language service is provided by the volunteer who helps the Deaf person in sign language. It is a level that the volunteer happily chats with the Deaf client by sign language, and not a sign language interpreter. There is a municipality that registers as a volunteer.

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