Deaf support facility and high school students in collaboration for doughnut project

The students and the facility staff work together to produce baked doughnuts for trial.

August 6, 2011

The Deaf work support facility called the "Atelier Owl" and the Mito High School for the Girls are advancing the development of new "baked doughnuts" by the collaboration with steady steps in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

The "Atelier Owl", located in the city, is the only vocational support center for the Deaf in the prefecture, has produced more than 30 kinds of bread and cookies for sales.

Four girls visited the facility on August 1, and tried to make what they had invented by themselves. The high school offered a project to make various commodities for trial purposes to the food design class since September, 2010. The collaboration of the two organizations was achieved partly because the "Atelier Owl" sells bread twice a month at the school.

The facility had a plan to produce new doughnuts, and prepared for making two kinds of taste (a plain, coffee or the cocoa) for the facility, and the gift.

The students were given a basic recipe by the facility, and started a project on developing baked doughnuts. The idea was pooled mainly by juniors and seniors, and six kinds of prototypes like the sugared beans taste, etc. were proposed. The students repeated to make for trial purposes and sampling through July, and decided two kinds of the banana and the raisin taste for commercialization.

The four girls visited the Atelier Owl, and baked two kinds of doughnut with the help from the facility staff and the consumers on this day.

The banana taste and the raisin taste were popular as a result of tasting by the concerned. One of the girls said with a smile, "It is well-done. The idea did not go well first, and we devised when it was not successful. We are excited to see the outcome of this project because we had worked hard".

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