Deaf pitcher wins a victory mark with only one pitch first time in three seasons

August 9, 2011

On August 8, the left-hand pitcher ISHII Yuya (Silent K) of the Nippon Meat Packers comes in as a relief with a full of bases and one out of three.

He made the pinch-hit and got the batter with a grounder double play, winning the victory mark since 2008.

Yuya turned out after his teammate Saito, the pitcher, was in the bad pinch. Yuya who is Deaf said, "I did not feel nervous. I thought that I would concentrate on pitching".

Yuya who was transferred from the Yokohama team last season, has made his pre-eminent record with ERA 0.61. He said with a big smile, " Because I won at last after a long time this season, I am glad. I will decorate this winning ball at my home".

He was the 31st winning pitcher with one only pitch for the both the Pacific League and Central League, 15th for the Pacific League since August, 2008.


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