Deaf children challenge kayaking

Deaf children challenge sea-kayaking with the help from instructors.

August 9, 2011

The experience workshop to offer Deaf children to enjoy the sea kayak and snorkeling took place at the Town Beach Center in Kochi Prefecture on August 8.

Twenty-four people in total such as Deaf children and their parents from the Kochi Prefecture Association of Parents with Deaf Children participated.

Fifteen instructors and college students who volunteered in total went out and watched the Deaf children in kayak in the offing together. Ten children in the sea kayak available for two persons (about two meters in length) enjoyed the sea of summer at ease.

A third grader (8) of the Prefectural Kochi School for the Deaf signed, "Because they taught me carefully, I was able to row well. I felt comfortable in being on the sea".

One of the parents was pleased, saying that the event would give the Deaf children to challenge positively.

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