Deaf alumni group exhibits their photo works in Tottori Prefecture

Photograph show by former club members.

August 27, 2011

The photograph exhibition which displayed 45 pieces of photograph work started in Tottori City on August 26. An alumni group who were the photograph club members at the prefecture Tottori school for the deaf in the city.

Their works were unique which followed what a former teacher TAKADA Keiichi (63) when he had served as the advisor until retiring in the spring of 2009: "Let's take a picture of people around us".

ODA Shoshi (30), one of the former club members, is presently a teacher of the school succeeding Takada as an advisor. He signed, " The photograph is one of the communications to us. I want to get in touch with a lot of people through the photograph work".

The photograph club was formed by Takada (left) in 1981, and guiding it for 28 years. The club produced about 80 members who finished school so far.

The alumni photograph exhibition was started in 2004. Takada knew the former members' hardship such as they were refused guidance in writing in the workplace, etc. He started a project to enhance understanding about Deaf people who work harder for their life. The alumni photograph exhibition has continued to be held every year.

Oda (right) joined the club when he was a 7th grader and was driven to the photograph activities for six years until graduating from high school. The club participated in the "National High School Photograph Contest" for the first time, and Oda won an excellent prize in 1997. He signed, "I had never liked something about myself being Deaf until then. When my photograph work taken through meeting with people was evaluated, I became confident in me".

Afterwards, Oda attended the university, teaching as a lecturer first at the alma mater, passed the teacher's certificate examination, and has been hired as a social studies teacher since April, 2005.

His works have been displayed annually for 8 years since the first exhibit. This time seven pieces of his photograph work in monochrome showed humorous scenes, such as his students covering their face with the swimming cap in the pool.

Oda signed, "I will follow what my former teacher Takada had taught me, and make a place that my students can be more active. My goal is to win the first place at the National Contest that he has not achieved yet".

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