Australian Coda leading workshop in Osaka for her project

Participants gesture tea party under full-bloomed cherry blossoms to show Jodee Mundy (third from right).

August 5, 2011

Mt. Fuji, Shinkansen (bullet train), Doraemon (a popular animated comic cat) ...

The play workshop that the Deaf children pantomimed "Japan" was opened for two days from August 3 in Osaka City.

It was led by Jodee Mundy (33), a Coda from Australia and stage manager. She plans to produce a video from the collection of the images that children from different countries introduce nature and the culture of their home country.

When Jodee asked, "What image do you have about Japan?" the idea was came out one after another of seven children aged 6-17 such like "hot spring", "a revolving sushi bar", "maiko (a young Japanese dancing girl in Kyoto)", etc.

They began to actually move, comically performing such like putting up powdered green tea, climbing Mt. Fuji, with facial expressions.

For the image of "Tokyo", they satirically performed the young man absorbed in the cellular phone on the street bumps against other passenger and passes without looking back.

One participant aged 17 signed, "It was fun to express with a lot of gestures. I am excited to see the video myself some day".

Jodee has started this project in 2009, and Japan is the 3rd country. She will take a video of ten countries, aiming at showing the work to the public. "I think it would be wonderful if Deaf children learn other country each other".

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