Singer publishes first picture book for Deaf son

Imai Eriko shows her first picture book that she wrote for her Deaf son.

Imai reads her picture book in sign language at the story telling event.

July 11, 2011

IMAI Eriko (27) of the four-female singer group named "SPEED" held a story telling event at the Tama-plaza Terrace in Yokohama City on July 10.

She gave a story telling time with her first picture book titled "ころがってごらん"(Let's Do Rolling).

The picture book, with a DVD in sign language, is about the adventure story that the author tells her hope for the eldest son Raimu (6) who is born Deaf.

Imai says, "At last my dream was fulfilled, because I had wanted to write the picture book."

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さおり said...

Not many people comment on your blog. I wanted to let you know I am very thankful for your constant updates on the deaf community in Japan. I didn't know Imai Eriko had a deaf son. That's why she has videos of sign language on her YouTube.

Keep reporting the news! I've been reading for awhile now, just never commented.