New Deaf movie produced for tenth anniversary of establishment

Flyer of the new Deaf movie, "The Inclining Person" for show

The first Deaf movie in 2011, titled "The Inclining Person," will be shown in Tokyo at 14:00 on July 10, 2011.

The 30-min movie in the digital cinema work with subtitles (no sounds) was produced by ODATE Nobuhiro, a Deaf director.

Fee: 1,000 yen for adult, 500 yen for student and free for elementary school children.
A part of the proceeds will be contributed to the Japanese Federation of the Deaf's Deaf Victim Relief HQ.

The first movie production by a Deaf movie group called "Purodeia" was "The Small Downtown" that was about the Deaf youth striving to set up a Deaf organization during postwar days in Tokyo.

Ever since and for the first time in ten years, two Deaf actors, YOSHIOKA Osamu and NAOI Takashi, who have enchanted a lot of spectators, will act together again in the movie "The Inclining Person".

When KAWAKAMI Masaru (Yoshioka) awakes in the park in Sumidagawa, a stranger (Naoi) is sitting nearby, about whom Kawakami feels uneasy.

The stranger introduces himself by sign language as Nakayama, tells that he was killed by the phantom killer and says that he is the dead.

He asks Kawakami to do something for him, which Kawakami accepts with a strong will. Where does he head?

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