Hearing high school student supports hard of hearing ace in baseball game

July 18, 2011

OMI Sho, who was once an infielder at a junior high school, is a catcher of the baseball club at the Anjo East High School in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture.

He who had a strong shoulder was a pitcher, competing with the ace KAGIYA Takuya who is hard of hearing.

Omi failed in relief at the Aichi Prefecture High School Baseball Tournament last autumn. He was said by the coach, "You will be a catcher," which he did.

Omi swore that he would be the best catcher in the prefecture. He worked with a machine as a catcher, reading books to study mixing pitches. He also attended the class with the protector under the school uniform so that he might become accustomed to it as soon as possible.

In the game against the Anjo High School, the Anjo East HS lost a point in the first stage. Even they caught up in the last stage, it was too late.

Kagiya never shook the neck to the sign that Omi sent even facing the pinch. Omi said, "I was happy to work as a battery with Kagiya who trusted me."

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