Dream of Deaf high school baseball player not fulfilled

July 26, 2011

The high school baseball teams from across the country that have won the prefecture preliminary game will join the National High School Baseball Tournament in Koshien, Kobe City scheduled for August.

"I want to go to Koshien." A Deaf student KAWATA Yukinori, a senior of Konan Gakuen High School, kept praying on the bench. His teammates made a hit, but didn't get any point, leading to be defeated. Kawata had a mixed feeling that he tried his best for three years and yet bitterness from being defeated. Tears overflowed on his face.

At the age of three, he had seen his father Junshi (40), who is also Deaf, playing baseball. Kawata had wanted to play at Koshien, having attended Konan Gakuen High School reputed as one of the best baseball teams in Kobe City.

He was stirred up though he was puzzled at the high skill level of the team. "I will work harder to outstrip a good player if there is one".

The teammates also helped him understand what the director and coach say through gestures. Kawata was given the uniform number 7 as one of the regular players this summer.

At the local preliminary game, he was kept sitting on the bench, except running in place, etc., and the game on this day ended without the turn.

Kawata, whose dream was not fulfilled, said to the reporter in writing, "I am satisfied with myself because I have worked hard for three years aiming at Koshien." He finally left the stadium showing the smile.

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