Deaf man's work won highest prize in national Deaf photograph contest

Jinnou won the highest prize for his work in the National Deaf Photograph Contest.
His work, "Hunters"

July 1, 2011

A Deaf company employee JINNOU Toshiyuki (49), a resident of Chitose City, Hokkaido, won the highest prize in the free section of the 26th National Deaf Photograph Contest. He signed pleasantly, "It is the first time for me to get such a big prize. I never thought of it, but am happy!."

The contest took place as part of the 59th National Conference of the Deaf, sponsored by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, June 8-12, in Saga City.

Forty-nine Deaf photographers applied with 101 photos in the free section, and the works that won a prize were exhibited in the Cultural Event Hall in Saga City for the period.

Jinnou's work titled "Hunters" caught the moment of an owl, an eagle, and a fox holding food in its mouth in three-piece set photograph.

His work was reviewed as; "It is excellent that powerfully expressed the dramas of the law of the jungles of living things unfolded in the field of the severe winter."

Jinnou took with the telephoto lens of 500mm in the Shiretoko Peninsula and the Kushiro Marshland last year and this year, respectively in Hokkaido.

He started his hobby when he was in the junior high school, and has taken a picture of the animal, scenery, and the person, etc. He belongs to a nature conservation group as a certified nature observer.

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l1zblog said...

They are really lovely photos. Well done to him. :)