Coda baseball player grows up because of the dormitory life


July 21, 2011

KUSAMOTO Yuta, a high school senior from Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture and the fourth batter, stood on the batter plate and hit the ball without hesitantly. He had decided that he would strike the junk ball. The ball was a safe hit, the first in the seventh at bat at the regional high school baseball game on July 20.

Kusamoto was 180 centimeters in height and 88 kilos in weight. He is a jovial character who begins to sing suddenly while practicing, as a leading player who puts enthusiasm into the team.

When entering the school, he was 77 kilos in weight. He grows bigger because of a dormitory life provided by Coach KITASUGA Toshiaki. His wife Aki (36) and her parents prepare the dish and the cleaning for the teammates.

It was a start that Kitasuka had four boys from outside the prefecture live in his home in 2006. It got so crowded that he borrowed money and built the dormitory in 2008. The current seniors are the first who have lived since admission and plan to continue until graduation. Forty-three teammates in total are living in the dormitory. Aki said a smile, "When they say they hit the ball perfectly this day, I would get cheerful."

Kusamoto is the only child of his Deaf parents. He said that his first dormitory life is so lively and happy that he cuts loose, being occasionally scolded, though he talks in sign language at home. "In the dormitory life, I have learned how to behave properly."

Father Hirofumi (57) finished the night shift, ran with mother Midori (53) from Kure City and watched the high school baseball game.

The big fly of the ball that Kusamoto hit was completely caught in the glove of the outfielder who run after it. Then his team lost. After the game Kusamoto made a regrettable remark. "I should have hit the ball by ascertaining the ball more."

About two and a half years passed since his hearing son lives in the dormitory, father signed with a smile, "I want to tell him he did a good job today." He seemed satisfied to see his son growing up in stoutness.

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