Activities of Nagasaki Chapter of national organization of sign language interpreters

July 2, 2011

Aiming at welfare for the Deaf and the improvement of a social status of the sign language interpreter, the National Study Society on Interpreting Issues is a national organization working and doing a research on the Deaf issues and interpreting problems. The Nagasaki Chapter joined the organization as its 27th member in the whole country in 1983. Currently about 270 Chapter members are active.

The Chapter started with the recording of the Deaf radiation victims telling their story as the first project. It has published "Talk in Hands" which they related their experience in the atomic bomb, its English translation titled "The Silent Thunders," and the photograph collection titled "Deaf people did hear the sound of the atomic bomb," which were reproduced in the DVD version.

The Chapter has had offered the interpreting service near the seats of the bereaved at the annual peace memorial ceremony since 1984. It was covered by the Nagasaki City fund in 1988 and since then the interpreter has stood on the front stage.

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