Signature campaign to realize the legal system for the Deaf

Honma Toyoko (left) calls for signatures in front of the station.

June 30, 2011

Seven groups in total including the Yokkaichi City Welfare Society of the Deaf, the City Society of the Hard of Hearing, etc. called for the signature for two days on June 28-29 in front of Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station in Yokkaichi City for the realization of the legal system to secure those who are Deaf or hard of hearing the right to information access and communications.

The development of legal systems that secures the information access through sign language and caption to the disaster broadcasting, the government press conference, the commercial, besides the communications support such as the sign language interpreter and the note taking, etc. has been requested nationwide.

In the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities adopted in 2006, which assumes that "Sign language is a language," Japan has not ratified it yet though signed the agreement in 2007. It has been worried that the Deaf victims in the stricken area by the Great East Japan Earthquake are deprived of information access.

Vice President of the Society of the Deaf HONMA Toyoko (70) signed through the interpreter, "We want our sign language to be recognized as a language. We hope people understand our signature campaign to deliver the collected signatures to the Diet."

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