Sign language dictionary revised first time in 14 years

"The New Japanese-Sign Language Dictionary" which was revised after the first publication 14 years ago.

The Japanese Federation of the Deaf revised the sign language dictionary after an interval of 14 years, "The New Japanese-Sign Language Dictionary." Its sales has started in the bookstore in the whole country in June (B5-size, 1808 pages, 23,100 yen).

In the dictionary, the sign for a Japanese word is explained by using the illustration to show how to sign. More about 2,000 words and phrases are added than the old edition, such as "cellular phone," "metabolic syndrome", etc.

The revision work started two years ago. Over 40 years have passed since the first sign language book was issued in 1969. The editor said, "There are more sign language circles nowadays, and more than 300,000 persons sign. We hope the newly revised dictionary helps the standard sign language spread in Japan."

English version:


レイ。カワ said...

Is there any way to buy this JSL dictionary in England, do you know? I cannot seem to find anywhere to order one online and would rather not have to ask a Japanese friend to buy one and have it shipped over.

Deaf Japan News said...

Maybe you can order through, or JFD Kyoto Office, the publisher.