Sign language circle held lecture meeting to learn about Deaf people

Deaf man tells the sign language circle members about his work experience at the lecture meeting.


Kamiina Sign Language Circle in the southern part of Nagano Prefecture held a lecture meeting on June 12 to learn the story of Deaf local residents and to make the best use of for the activity in the future. About 40 people from 5 circles in the prefecture gathered.

Four members of the Kamiina Deaf Society talked about how they have felt about the workplace, etc.

"I had a very hard time because I was unable to take communications in my workplace. It was impossible to hear the sound of the chime that tells when to start or stop the operation. I only saw and judged other people's movement."

Other member also signed, "The person who knew sign language was placed in the same office interpreted for me, which has helped me a lot."

The leader of the Kamiina sign language circle spoke, "Members of the circles should do the effort to know not only the sign language skills but also the hardship Deaf persons had in life, and to make it known to the society".

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