National Conference of the Deaf to take place in in Saga City on June 8-12

June 2, 2011

The 59th National Conference of the Deaf, sponsored by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, will be held at Saga City, Saga Prefecture on June 8-12.

About 2,200 Deaf persons and welfare staff, etc. in the whole country will participate and learn something more and deepen social exchange, aiming at social independence and the social welfare development for the Deaf, etc.

The conference is held every year by the round in each prefecture, and holding in Saga Prefecture is the first time.

In a session meeting titled "Deaf Movement," the participants will learn about the decision process of "The Comprehensive Welfare Law for the Persons with Disabilities," and discuss what a necessary social resource for the Deaf is. In other session meetings on "Sign language" and "Education," respectively the participants will discuss related to the spread of sign language, the meaning of the school for the deaf and its prospect.

A Russian Deaf comedy theater, The Moscow Mime Theater, will present comedy titled "Where is Charlie?" as a special program for the general. Besides, there will be cultural programs like an exhibit of excellent photo works that won at the contest, a works exhibit of the Prefectural School for the Deaf students, a barrier-free equipments exhibition, etc.

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