Moscow Deaf theater company performs in Japan to support the Deaf disaster victims

Russian Deaf actors in rehearsal in Moscow.

June 9, 2011

The Moscow Deaf theater company will perform in various parts of Japan since June 11. A part of proceeds will be donated to support the Deaf victims in East Japan.

The company had been active for half a century until break-up of the Soviet Union, etc., which forced them temporarily face the crisis of dissolution due to the cash flow problem. It was the Japanese Deaf community to have held out the hand to their distress. The upcoming performance in Japan means to "repay the kindness."

Actors in traditional clothes perform in sign language. Their expression is rich without voice. The hearing women read their lines under the stage.

Company members worked hard in the last rehearsal in Moscow suburbs before the visit to Japan on June 7. The repertoire is "Where is Charlie?" It is a British 1800's comedy that a university student Charlie acts like an aunt to win the heart of the loved woman.

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