JFD's National Conference in Saga City requests for understanding of the Deaf community's needs

The closing ceremony of the annual National Conference of the Deaf was held in the Saga City Culture Center.
(photo: http://www.saga-s.co.jp/news/saga.0.1946178.article.html)

June 13, 2011

The 59th National Conference of the Deaf (Japanese Federation of the Deaf sponsoring) was held in Saga City, Saga Prefecture on June 8-12, attracting 2,200 people or more from the whole country.

There was a ceremony on June 12, and the resolution of 11 items like the information access of the Deaf, the security of the workplace environment, etc. was approved, as well as the understanding of the citizens and the administration was requested.

In the ceremony, JFD President ISHINO Fujisaburo pointed out, "Information was not complete to the Deaf victims in the Great-Earthquake stricken area in East Japan, and their uneasiness had increased." He appealed for the necessities of information transmission means that controls the life in the emergency, of the development of legal systems related to the sign language, and of training volunteers fluent in sign language, etc.

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